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Arranged Carriage

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A Piece of Sheet Music

My website was recently updated to have a new section: Arrangements. (I’ll be honest, I did the updating myself… But it sounds better in my head to say it that way.)

Arrangements, as opposed to Compositions, are Your own interperetations of other people’s works or traditional music. In other words, they are works that I am presenting my own version of, but they are not strictly “by me.”

You may immediately jump to the conclusion that I am now running some evil kind of sheet music trafficking business now. I assure You that this is not the case… for the most part. (kidding)

I am trying to make it easier for other people to learn the music I love. The majority of these tunes are going to be Early Music, which is Western music published sometime before the advent of Classical music (so, the latest it would have been published is 1750ish, and the earliest is probably somewhere around 700.) These tunes I am not worried about in the slightest: My little bit of work here is keeping these 300+ year old tunes alive, and I am fairly sure they are out of copyright by now.

My worries lie in the other section: VGM, or Video Game Music.

Now, first of, I am a huge fan of Video Games. They are, and have been, a large part of my life for quite some time now. However, I see a trend here which is upsetting to me, at least in America: Older video games are dying (or being completely redone, changed, and “updated” which I don’t really like either, but at least they aren’t dead).

This is something I have unfortunately seen happen to a few of my favorite games in the past, and I hate that it has to happen. But I can’t do anything about it, really… I do not own a publishing house equipped to keep these games alive.

I do, however, know how to listen to a learn music. The music in a game can make or break it, to me, and it is probably the most important factor in me liking a game or not, with a few notable exceptions.

Most people never pay attention to the composer or even the music passed “Oh, that sounds nice.” To me, it is something I listen to in my car or while I work, and I hate hate hate to see my favorite pieces be forgotten among the overlooked.

And so, I learn to play them. This is fine, and fun, and great practice on my Harp. I am even working on recording some videos of me playing some of these tunes, as another project on the side. But it would be even better if I could hand someone a sheet which told them the notes I choose to play for that song, and they could then play it. That would definitely keep the tune alive long passed me, and for ages to come.

I mean no infringement by making these midis and sheets. I am simply trying to keep the music alive, to learn some of my favorite pieces, and to make the names of my favorite composers just a little more well known. If it weren’t for the huge bother that modern copyright has become, I would not be worried, as I am not doing anything to prevent the sale of these composer’s pieces. But I do worry.

Time for me to get back to work. Comments are always appreciated!

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