Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bass Time

title: Bass Time

date: 2013-09-12, 15:34:23

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A Closeup of my Bass's Knobs and Saddle.

I have been playing the bass for just over one year now.

I am very glad I purchased it. I can think of only a few other things I may have chosen to do with that money, and all of them are doable for me in the near future. And, for electric music like Rock, I much prefer the bass to the guitar. I dunno, it just suits my personality and creative profile, more, I guess.

I hadn’t truly played the instrument for a few months, because of a _Really bad audition. For whatever reason I was made to believe that I couldn’t even tune the instrument properly, and then (when I disproved that notion by tuning to the right notes with three separate tuners) told that my bass has bad intonation.

I have since checked, rechecked, and rerechecked the intonation on my Bass and can find no standing problems, provided that I do not press too hard on the strings (which I have found to be a bass thing in general, not something specific to my instrument… kind of like scallopped guitars).

I also have found two projects to work on, which I am very greatful for. Without them, I may not have picked the bass up again in 2013.

Anyway, I played for three hours last night, and plan on another two tonight. Just like the harp and the concertina, I am going to shoot for 10-12 hours of practice a week, on average. If You would like to see the pieces I play for practice, check them out here, on my main website. I update that list (almost) every time I practice, and try to add to it regularly.

Which leads me to my question, for this blog post. If You play Rock Music of any kind (or Jazz, really), what are some tunes I should add to my practice regimen, that will help me to become a better bassist? Leave those suggestions in the comments below, or You can tweet them at me, if You would prefer. All suggestions will be responded to!

Time for me to get back to work. Comments are always appreciated!

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