Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shooting Videos, Part 1

title: Shooting Videos, Part 1

date: 2013-07-13, 19:18:22

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A Picture of A Yellow 500W Worklight

Back in 2012, before my Grandmother passed away and I descended into depression, I had had the idea to put up some actual, real videos of me playing music… Especially on the Harp, as many people have never even heard a harp before.

I took this Idea to completion once, before deciding that I just did not have the right experience or equipment to complete these to the level I would have wanted them to be. The result, as You are probably able to see, was fairly amatuerish: Household lighting, back syncing of audio, grainy/shaky footage, and oh, that opening…

But it was a learning experience, and without the help of my partner Rachel, it would have turned out much much worse. Now, however, I am going to make a second attempt… with a few very important changes.

First, I have fixed the Lighting. I have Three Halogen Work Lights, which each rate in at 500W. Since they all have the same bulbs, the temperature of the lights are matched perfectly. And, I did not have to mail order anything. Woo!

Next, I have fixed the Footage, by Stabilizing it. I built a Mini Tripod for my phone, as that is what I am now reduced to shooting with. This was built out of three plastic cups, and it works absolutely beautifully.

After that, I have Redesigned the Opening, to something I think is much less grating… and, is normalized with the rest of the audio for the video. No more turning the sound down at first, then back up to hear the harp! I am excited to say that It is much more professional.

Finally, I have an actual Shooting Plan, to keep me on track. It is complete with extra buffer videos, deadlines, and variety to keep things moving smoothly. I hope to start releasing some of these very soon, but I feel that I must stick to the plan. Do not worry, though… When the time comes, I will be sure to let You know!

All of this combines into something which I think is going to go very well indeed. I cannot wait to be able to proudly say to check out my Youtube channel for some high quality videos. And, it is also an excuse to play more music. What could be better?

Time for me to get back to work. Comments are always appreciated!

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