Saturday, June 29, 2013

Building a PC, Introduction to Series

title: 00 Building A Personal Computer, Introduction

date: 2013-06-29, 13:06:20

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My Ethernet Switch, Fharlanghn

One personal project I have finally decided to undertake (and one I specifically thought might be good for this blog) is the building of my own personal computer. Perhaps even more than one, in the future… but the first step is going to be just the one. I hope to be able to use it mostly for gaming, but also as a media center of sorts, so I can stop using my laptops as such.

The First step in a project like this is to define the requirements of the build: What the limitations are in terms of space and time and money, and what the capabilities I need for it to function. Therefore, I have come up with a small list of Project Requirements that I will hold myself to:

  • It must be able to Play “Skyrim Era” Games. Basically, I want a fairly modern (not cutting edge, but able to play most games) system. It should be able to play 1080p Movies without lag in video or audio. It’d be nice, also, if it could run Blender well, for 3D animation.

  • It must be able to Have at least Two Video Outputs, to allow the TV to be one, for media center purposes, and the monitor to be one, for gaming purposes. Ideally, both would be hooked up constantly, so no cables need be swapped.

  • It must be able to Run Quietly while processing large amounts of data. This is so that, when watching a movie or a show, or playing a game, the fan does not overpower (or truly, even compete with) the enjoyment of the medium.

  • It must be able to Upgrade Extremely Well. I do not want to be stuck with a complete rig in 6 months that is outdated for every new game that comes out in 12 months. I want to be able, at minimum cost, to be able to upgrade the system to perform decently with the improving hardwares (and the degrading programming practices) of the day.

  • It must Cost Somewhere around $500-$700. I do not want to devote a year to saving for this, nor do I want to spend absolutely everything I make on this. I also want it to be relatively in line with my personal philosophy of minimalism. Honestly, I also want to be able to order upgrades for the the system fairly quickly… That concept is very cool to me.

With all of these conditions met, the system will perform as I wish it to, in every way. The next step for me is to translate these from conceptual project requirements into a list of system/hardware requirements that I can use to start piecing together a list of parts. Then, I’ll have the horse as well as the cart.

Time for me to get back to work. Comments are always appreciated

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